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We enable impactful clinical decisions at the point of care by being predictive!

Proactive, Personalized Approach to Healthcare!

Intelligent Predictive and Prescriptive Solutions
  • Clinical Prognosis
  • Predict clinical outcomes
  • Support evidence based medicine
Patient Engagement
  • Track prescription adherence
  • Communications
  • One clinical view of patient records
Population Health
  • Population risk management
  • Gaps in reimbursement
  • Reduce healthcare costs

Health re-invented with proactive Patient Risk Stratification,Clinical Decision Support, Patient Engagement Platform leading to better Health & Cost Management

  HealthNextGen delivers value to it’s ecosystem of Members, Providers, Accountable Care Organizations and Payers


Take control of the most valuable asset – Your health! Record your medical history, daily vitals, get reminders for your medication and track your progress towards your goal.


Increase revenue while improving your patient’s health. Track your patients health, gets holistic population health metrics and improve patient engagement and experience.


Decrease claims and improve profitability. Develop strategies for preventive management, target high risk customers, improve care and cost management.


Our intelligent machine analytics focuses on improving individual health using big data mining, identifies hidden relationship among clinical variables.



July 10,2016     By Santosh Hariharan

Healthcare organizations around the world are now investing in electronic health records (EHR). From simple prescriptions to complex structural images, every aspect of patients ...

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