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Large Teardrop Wood Earrings-Food Bank Benefit

Large Teardrop Wood Earrings-Food Bank Benefit

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White Bottom
Gray Bottom
Black Bottom
Gold Bottom
Red Bottom
Red/Black X Stripe
True Yellow Bottom
Black Slant with Gold Dots
Gray and White Random Stripes
White Slant
White Triangle Bottom
White Bottom/black dots
Black Top/Gold Bottom
Black Top/Red Bottom
Gold with Horizontal Stripe
Art class is a little different at my house.  My boys decided they wanted to do something that would benefit the local food bank so we settled on wood earrings!  All of them are stained and/or handpainted by my 3 boys, sealed and hooks added.  The teardrop shape measures 2.25" tall by 1.5" wide.  The boys have decided to donate 25% of their proceeds to the local food bank.


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